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We deliver all possible diets just the way you want them

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What can we do for you?

Many people count on a delicious meal from Langerhuize every day and we are very aware of our responsibility. Therefore we devote a great deal of care and attention into preparing our meals. Whether the meals are traditional, kosher, vegetarian or special dietary, at Langerhuize we believe food should simply be delicious!

Kosjere maaltijden van Langerhuize

We deliver kosher meals made with the Hechsher, the certificate that ensures that the meal has been prepared under Rabbinical Supervision, to a variety of organisations and institutions. Want to know more?

Whether the meals concerned are traditional, vegetarian or dietary, we believe that every meal should be special. You can choose from a wide variety of general meals and tableware. Want to know more?

Company movie

At Langerhuize we are aware that many people enjoy our meals every day. Therefore we provide a large variety of dishes and our personal service makes the whole experience complete! Our company movie shows our activities, our specialities and also our mission and values.

Langerhuize AirlineEnjoy Langerhuize meals on board of Alitalia, Air France, KLM and many other airlines.

Langerhuize healthcareWide selection of meals. Freshly made, just the way you like it and easy to order with our online ordering system.

Langerhuize SpecialsWe prepare several special meals (diets) for the Department of Defense and the Justice Department.

Easy and fast online ordering

Customers that have an account can login to order online or to adjust the order. Please don’t hesitate to contact our service department if you have any questions about the online ordering system.